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Here is part 2 of our FAQ.

How loud do you play?
Always a worry, the last thing you want is a disco so loud that your guests have to shout or worse, move out of the room. We're fully aware that these events are social functions and people are there to chat with friends as well as dance. We make sure that music is just loud enough to get people dancing, but not stop them talking, playing quieter background music as people arrive and if required during the meal. Feel free to request that the music be turned down or up!

How much do you use the microphone?
As much as is needed, we prefers to let the music do the talking. We will of course read out any requests and dedications and encourage people onto the dance floor. At a wedding we will announce the 1st dance and any others requested. Again it’s your event, so you can request more or less use of the mic.

What equipment do you use?
All of the sound & lighting equipment used are professional brands. We do not use any lighting effects such as light-boxes, rope lights etc (these can be arranged for theme nights, 70s/80s etc). 

What will you wear?
You’re right to ask this as many DJ’s will perform looking scruffy in jeans. Our standard outfit is shirt and tie, however black-tie or other outfits can be requested.

What is your fee?
The fee is based on location, size of venue, time of function and any extra equipment needed. Please contact us for your quote.

Is your equipment PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) tested?
Yes. All of the equipment is regularly check for electrical safety. A copy of the certificate is available on request

Do you have Public Liability Insurance?
Yes, we have Public Liability Insurance cover. A copy of the certificate is available on request.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have a question that is not here.

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